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Design, execute, share, and clone DeFi strategies with a few clicks

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Tortle ninja

DeFi algorithmic trading but fun and better.

Tortle Ninja allows you to create, invest, and evolve investment strategies based on logic and data. Explore the full landscape of DeFi, discover new opportunities, and mix them up to push the boundaries of DeFi.

Tortle ninja

Explore our Investment strategies

Our community and us have created a wide range of premade strategies

Unleash the power of the composability.

Tortle Ninja allows you to bundle transactions in an open way; just choose the assets and the smart contracts you want to interact with and compose powerful combos and strategies: Farming, trading, staking, and more complex strategies are at your fingertips now.

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Automate your strategies with real data.

Tortle Ninja has created a new primitive, which we call combo triggers. With combo triggers, you can track off-chain and on-chain and make your strategies evolve over time. The price of assets, profitability, APRs, and even social sentiment can be used to make your strategies smarter.

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Learn, adapt, evolve.

With Tortle, you can track all your investments, no matter how complicated a strategy is. Compare strategies; clone strategies of others. Learn from what you see. Tinker with it and try it out again. And again.

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All DeFi in just one place.

Tortle allows you to access and combine hundreds of contracts from all around the world. Whether you want to trade, farm, stake, or use vaults, Tortle makes it possible. With Tortle, you can use more than 800 DeFi products, combine them, compare them, and analyze their outcomes with real data.

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Tortle ninja

Explore Tortle

Tortle is the currency of Tortle Ninja that enables users to interact with tens of thousands of contracts.

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Tortle ninja

Be a part of our global community

Join Tortle Ninja's community and share your DeFi strategies with fellow crypto and DeFi enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

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